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Hello there!

I am thrilled to be pursuing my dream of writing

for children and adults. As a child, the passion I felt for books was unmatched. I devoured as many books as I could. It became my escape. My way to cope with demons I did not yet fully understand.


My passion has not abated. I still to this day never leave my house without a book (or two!) in my bag. Now, I write for children hoping to share that same passion. I want to make children laugh, grow and imagine, while feeling safe, seen and heard. 


I have several picture book manuscripts completed and the first book in my Chapter Book series LIBRARY GUARDIANS is due for publication summer 2025. 

I am also steadily working on my first

adult rom-com novel. 

I am happy to announce that I am a 2024 Gold Scholarship WINNER for 12x12 (12 Picture Books in 12 Months). 

***I am currently seeking representation***

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Unique Tidbits…

✨ I have been teaching Kindergarten for 15 years. 

✨ I have quite the MAGICAL MENAGERIE at home: 1 Russian Tortoise (Michaelangelo), 1 Hamsters (Rexy), 3 dogs (Elsa, Loki & Penelope Jean), 4 cats (Hedwig, Stella, Karama and Lady Sai), and 3 beautiful Children (Nikolas, Delaney & Maverick).  

✨ I am an unwavering Gryffindor who posses a HUGE nerd heart. If you quote lines from The Office, while wearing a STARWARS or MARVEL t-shirt, we are instantly best friends.

✨ I absolutely adore sloths!!!

✨ I am 100% convinced that Chris Pratt, A.K.A. Star-lord, is my soulmate. 

✨ When not writing, I love to read, visit amusement parks and go swimming. 

✨ I currently have 25 tattoos, with more to come! An ambition is to add a tattoo to represent each book I put out into the world. 


Let’s Connect!

I'm always looking for new and exciting writing opportunities. 


Phone: (941) 592-8130

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