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Current Projects

***Currently seeking representation.***

Here is a sneak peek of stories I am currently querying to agents and editors. 

Mommas Tattoos.jpeg

Momma’s Tattoos

Nikolas thinks his momma is a coloring book as she’s covered in tattoos. As she shares her tattoo stories, he decides to create his own. But during bath, his new art washes away. Together, they show that tattoos are not the only indelible presence we can share. (Picture Book)

Sweaty Yeti

Escaping the cold is Yeti’s current wish. He’s miserable and he HATES icicle boogers! Time for a warm vacation! But Yeti wasn’t built for the Florida sun. With each attempt to cool down, things get wild. Brains freeze & pools vanish turning Eddie into—SWEATY YETI! (Picture Book)


Lyra’s Song

Sadness sweeps across the zoo while Niko, a baby chimpanzee, processes grief. The keepers worry when he will no longer socialize or eat. Until they remember Lyra—a special gorilla with a passion for music. LYRA’S SONG might be the very thing Niko needs most. (Picture Book)

Library Guardians:
The Arboreal Dragons of Indonesia

Due to a school project, Evan discovers the Magic Learning Library, and its mission to protect animals. The library can transport him to places all over the world, to habitats belonging to unique, and often endangered, animals. 


In FLYING DRAGONS, the Library transports him to South America, where he comes face to face with living dragons. The Draco Volans are in trouble, and Evan discovers a passion for endangered creatures. During his journey throughout the books, he learns fascinating facts and discovers ways he can share each animals' unique traits with the world, and how to save them from harm. 


Using engaging narrative, these informational fiction chapter books bring readers into the world of each unique animal, showcasing their natural habitats, food habits and interesting defense mechanisms. These animals do not have a lot of exposure in children’s literature. It should spark a child’s imagination and curiosity of just how incredible our world really is, and that even though they are small, dragons, do in fact truly exist. 

Library Guardians.png

Maverick’s Curls

Maverick’s hair is full of bouncy, springy, golden curls. He loves letting it grow and grow and GROW. But when his friend Penelope becomes sick and loses all her hair, he finds a way to help by giving her a most selfless gift. (Picture Book)

Fruit ROCKS!

Tomato dreams of being the next guitarist when the Garden Veggie Band opens for auditions. She’s plumped to share her song, “Ketchup Dreams”. But Tomato is squashed when she learns only vegetables are allowed to audition. She is determined to prove that no matter how you slice it—fruits can shred too! (Picture Book)

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