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Inked Author Monthly Wrap-Up {{{June 2024}}}


Hello There!

Welcome to my tiny, but cozy, corner of the world.

It’s so good to see you!

This month’s newsletter is for all things book-ish, nerd-ish, life-ish and whatever else may have popped into my head.

Stay Weird! 🤟🏼




My favorite childhood memory is having energy.

Stay close to people who feel like sunshine.

Not everyone is going to think you are gorgeous, worthy and magical. They are wrong though.

God knew I would be too powerful if I could do math.

I. AM. Groot.



Want to know my thoughts?

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Check out my online PANGO Bookstore:


Inky Updates

✏️ My Chapter Book series has a new shiny title: LIBRARY GUARDIANS. 

For the first time in my author career, your favorite Inked Gal has some Vague-ity Vague Vagueness of Vaguely Vagueing PUBLISHING NEWS.

Seriously. It’s so VAGUELY. GOOD.

Can I honestly be any more VAGUE?!

Totally. VAGUE.


Stay tuned…😉 


Monthly Writing Tip 📝

Have you ever found yourself happily typing away, working on a manuscript only to hit a WORD ROADBLOCK?

I mean the type of roadblock where you just know there is a JUICER word you could use. I am sure many of you do what I do…whip out the thesaurus to get some aide. And it has proven to be a most helpful tool!

But there just so happens to be a wordy gem out there, written by the truly lovely Tara Lazar. (Click to follow her!)

I find myself reaching for this book more often than my thesaurus. It is literally chock-FULL of juicy words that I guarantee will really ramp up your manuscript.

Check it out here:

PS: Always choose kindness! Remember…


Author Peep 📣 Shout-Outs 📣

✨ One of my brilliant CPs has some vague publishing news of her own! Stay tuned for when I can shout her success from the ROOFTOPS!!

✨ If you have some news you would love me to share, please send me an email at for a chance to be featured in a future newsletter!


📚 PB Line-Up 📚

Check out the Picture Books I am using as Mentor Texts next month!


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